One of the number one questions we get asked frequently  is “How can I make my teeth whiter?” “Should i use charcoal,should i use baking soda?should i use salt?”,are some of  the questions that keep coming our way.Everyone is looking for that dazzling smile, yet many go and try out home made products without equipping themselves with information regarding side effects such as sensitive worn out teeth from abrasive products.

Over the years tobacco,tea,wine and other foods keep staining teeth.And as some age,their teeth get worn out and the inner bit of the tooth(the dentin, usually yellowish) starts showing through the outer transparent surface called the enamel.The combination of these two leads to darker smiles over time.Most people with healthy teeth can benefit from having their teeth professionally whitened. However not everyone is a great candidate for the treatment. Existing dental restorations like crowns, veneers, bridges and tooth colored fillings will not whiten with treatment.Here are the options:

 In Office Whitening: 
Your dentist applies a professional whitening solution to your teeth that is light activated or chemically activated. This effective and safe treatment can be completed in an hour.This is popular with  those getting married and want a last minute quick fix.


At Home Whitening:
This can be done in the comfort of your home with custom made trays and professional whitening gel from your dentist. The trays are worn for 3-4 hours or 8 hours over a span of 2-3  weeks.


If the teeth are very dark,for example tetracycline stains (usually acquired in childhood from the use of that drug to treat infections) the two methods can be combined to bring the teeth to the desired shade.


Other times its only one tooth that is darker than the rest.It can be whitened by putting the whitening gel on the inside of the tooth.Such teeth usually have undergone root canal treatment or may need that  first before they can be whitened.


Alternatively there are also whitening kits available over the counter. Similar results to professional treatment can be achieved, however it may take longer to reach your desired shade, and is dependent on how consistent you are with the treatment.


Whatever you choose to use make sure you are well informed whether it will solve your particular problem.