Ever heard of Dry brushing?Or practiced it? This is brushing your teeth without using water or toothpaste. and why would we advise such a thing as dry brushing? To help you  learn how to clean your teeth better!

Here are a few good reasons to try dry brushing.

  • Some toothpastes contain oils like glycerin, which leaves a coating on the teeth and tongue. This makes the teeth feel smoother than they actually are.
  • The tongue also gets coated in this oil and it affects the tactile sensitivity of the tongue, making all the tooth surfaces feels smoother and cleaner than they actually are. When dry brushing, your tongue can feel the thick coating that  forms  on the gum margins much better because it is not coated in a smear layer. This makes it easier for you to target the problem areas!
  • The fresh minty taste of most toothpastes gives us a false sense of security that our mouths are clean and fresh, whereas  might not be. Try brushing without toothpaste and you will see that most people will automatically brush longer as the mouth does not feel or smell fresh until it actually is clean and fresh. Afterwards you can use a refreshing mouthwash if you really feel that you need some artificial freshness as well! At Code Clinic we always advise kids to brush first without toothpaste until the teeth are clean and then use toothpaste.We encourage them to teach other kids the same so that they do not forget this simple preventive technique.
  • Most toothbrushes are  made from nylon, which does not need to be soaked with water like in the old days when bristles were made from horse hair and other hard bristles. This is why dry brushing is perfect! If you wet the toothbrush before using it, not only will you increase the splatter, but you soften the bristles even more, giving a less effective brushing.But this doesn’t mean that you should select hard bristled brushes over soft bristled ones.The softer brushes are always more friendly to the gums and tooth surface.

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