Did you know that your food can actually be your medicine?Pineapple is one of them.Yes you read right!
Increasingly, pineapples are being recognized for an array of supremely beneficial nutrients.  Pineapple is a source of Bromelain, a proteolytic (i.e, protein-eating) enzyme that acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is one reason the fruit has been used for centuries in South and Central America to treat digestive problems. It also acts like a clean-up crew for your skin, sweeping away dead cells so damaged tissue can heal more quickly. It does the same for wounds and especially wounds in the mouth.

One of the things we instruct our patients to do after tooth removal is to eat pineapple at least for a whole week following the surgery.It’s advisable to consume pineapple and pineapple juice two days to planned wisdom tooth extraction and also a week after.


A study published in the journal, Oncology letters found  that Bromelain can reduce complications after wisdom tooth extraction, including pain, swelling, and limited mouth opening for patients undergoing chemotherapy that needed to have their wisdom teeth removed.Those that received Bromelain experienced faster recovery in a quick non invasive and economic way.

American plastic surgeons have also been known to recommend a food supplement containing  Bromelain,  Vitamin C , Rutin and Grape seed extract to help face lift patients recover faster.

In another study, published in the journal Oncology Letters,mice with a high risk of getting skin cancer were bathed in Bromelain and developed less tumors than those that did not get a Bromelain bath.Also at least 30 percent were reported to be tumor free.

Pineapple is also a top source of vitamin C, providing 130 percent of your daily needs per cup. This vitamin is important in helping repair tissue cells too. That cup of pineapple also provides 80 percent of your daily manganese. This is also essential for anyone recovering from a procedure. The healing of wounds requires increased production of cartilage and collagen, and manganese helps support this demand, which makes adequate dietary manganese especially important during recovery from injury. A study done in Poland, for example, found that certain cancer fighting drugs, which impair collagen synthesis and delay wound healing, work by immobilizing manganese, so that it can’t activate the collagen-building enzyme.So, whether you’ve just had a wisdom tooth pulled or a dental  implant placed , incorporate pineapple in your diet  for a quick recovery.