When it comes to the health of your teeth, you really are what you eat. Sugary foods, such as candy and soda, contribute to tooth decay. One of the first areas to decline when your diet is less than ideal is your oral health.A bad diet will cause tooth decay,gum disease,tooth structure erosion or wear and finally tooth loss, thus directly affecting what one can or cannot eat.What we eat now directly  affects what we are likely to eat in the future.

Before i  share my top 30 list of foods you should incorporate into your diet, here is why  food and oral health go hand in hand;

Your teeth and gums are a part of your body, and as every other part, need good nutrition to function properly. Here are some things to consider when making food choices that will support your overall oral health:

  • Foods rich in calcium and phosphorus – These elements are the building blocks of enamel and consuming foods rich in them is a necessity if you want to keep your teeth strong and healthy.
  • Firm and crunchy foods that are high in water – The combination of chewing produces saliva which is a natural neutralizer and the text of these foods will scrub and clean your teeth.
  • Foods Rich in Vitamin D – Vitamin D is crucial for overall health, but specifically it helps you absorb calcium better which is essential for oral health.
  • Foods Rich in Vitamin C – Vitamin C is also required for the production of collagen, a key protein that helps you fight periodontal(gum) disease.
  • Foods Rich in Antioxidants – Antioxidants fight the bacteria that cause inflammation and periodontal disease. They help protect gums and other tissues from cell damage and bacterial infection.
  • Foods Containing Probiotics – Probiotics may help decrease plaque and promote healthy gums.

Okay, now for the list of the top thirty foods for your oral health – which are your favorite three?

1) Cheese
2) Milk
3) Water
4) Leafy greens
5) Fish
6) Meat
7) Black and Green Tea
8) Nuts
9) Maize
10) Pineapples
11) Oranges
12) Guavas
13) Yogurt
14) Carrots
15) Apples
16) Garlic
17) Ginger
18) Whole grains
19) Avocado
20) Sugarcane
21) Onions
22) Mushrooms
23) Cucumber
24) Soya
25) Lettuce
26) Cabbage
27) Sweet potatoes
28) Liver
29) Black coffee
30) Red wine