Many people dread a visit to the dentist  because they associate the dental office with torture and even peculiar smells.Yet dentists consider themselves  the best thing against tooth pain.Why don’t patients agree?

In the past,dental treatment was limited to  removing teeth , and placing a few fillings.The dental instruments were very intimidating (and still are). The needles were big and very painful.Over the years the dental industry has tried to make it more friendly,by giving patients options.

You don’t have to suffer with a bad tooth because the options are quite many and most of them painless.Take for example preventive treatment in form of prescription strength toothpastes and fluoride varnish.These are not in any way painful and you get to pay way less than you would pay to replace a broken tooth.

When tooth decay has just started,if detected early it can be reversed and one will even never know that decay had emerged on such a tooth.This reversal is only possible for people that do regular dental checkups and cleanings.The dentist is able to see the problem and fix it early.

When decay has progressed causing a hole,at that point it’s irreversible but can also be stopped by placing cement or what we know as a tooth filling.At this stage,the person with such decay may or may not experience sensitivity to hot or cold.

If the decay progresses and gets to the pulp then more invasive procedures are needed to save such a tooth.They also cost much more than a tooth filling or a varnish.The visits will be longer and are bound to be uncomfortable.Those are the visits that people dread .Yet they must be done to save one from going toothless.Those are the procedures that have earned us bad names,even when we still relieve people of pain.

If kids are introduced to the dentist early in life for routine checkups,then they will never have to go through intimidating procedures like extraction of baby molars before their time. They will learn to take responsibility for their hygiene,and also willingly come to see the dentist,because they would not have faced any intimidating procedures.

One thing is for sure,the more you hide away from the dentist,the more you are likely to spend on dental treatment when disaster strikes.You will still have options but they will not be as comfortable as what the regular prevention seeking person will experience.