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Toothless smiles are confidence killers


    Eleven years ago i met a nurse who had lost all her teeth due to an accident.This was during my final year as a dental  student. She never [...]

Toothless smiles are confidence killers2018-03-06T09:22:43+00:00

A Little Blood in the Sink


Imagine that you were bathing,using your  loofah bath sponge and your skin started to bleed.You would probably panic ,thinking that you have succumbed to Ebola or one of those hemorrhagic [...]

A Little Blood in the Sink2018-02-22T21:08:39+00:00

The Ugly Duckling


One Sunday morning,My cousin discovered that his daughter had a tooth growing behind another.He immediately buzzed me and insisted that i go check into work and solve his daughter's problem.I [...]

The Ugly Duckling2018-02-01T19:25:44+00:00
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